David N. Williams,  MCIWEM., C.WEM

An overview , primarily on the subject of the Public Water Supply, both in Essex and the wider world, with which the author was associated as a Scientist, for 40 years, and experienced on his subsequent travels. Included are also pictures taken in the ancient ruined cities of Petra, Jordan and Palmyra Syria of ancient structures, some Roman that can be found on  page 1   Climate and Geology, in addition to  pages on Rome, Borneo, Malaysia, 

Fish Tap 002 (2)
What may be coming through YOUR tap?  

Eels in pipe only 001

Not these eels.

Glass eel hand 2





but perhaps their little brothers,   !!!!

It is estimated that there are 650 million people around the world,without a daily safe water supply, that you and I take for granted. When considering donating to a charity, please consider  WATERAID. For relatively small sums, hand pumps can often be installed to provide safe clean water, which can save lives.

Enquiries   to  Pondside  @talktalk.net

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The Author on his 75th Birthday at The House of Eliott Restaurant in Ghent, Belgium, which specialises in Lobster dishes. 

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