David N. Williams

Member of the Chartered Institute of Water and Environmental Managers

Dr J C Thresh, D.Sc, M.D. D.P.H.  an acclaimed Analyst, who ran several analytical laboratories and published extensively on the Subject of Water Treatment and Analysis, stated in one of his early books   ” Reporting of Scientific Matters, should not be left to office workers, who have little knowledge of the subject.”  This is often true of self styled Historians.  Following His original book  Essex Water Supply  published in 1901, his subsequent book The Examination of Waters and Water Supplies,  first published in 1904, had later editions published by other authors, up to 1958 

An overview , primarily on the subject of the Public Water Supply, with detailed histories of  Chelmsford, Maldon, and Southend in Essex, the early borehole supplies, and the Southend Waterworks Company. It also embraces other parts of the world, such as the cessation of rain water collection in Gibraltar, and water treatment in Borneo, with which the author was associated as a Scientist,  and experienced on his subsequent travels. Included are also pictures taken in the ancient ruined cities of Petra, Jordan and Palmyra in Syria, of ancient structures, some Roman that can be found on  page 1   Climate and Geology, in addition to  pages on Rome, Borneo, Malaysia, 

Fish Tap 002 (2)
What may be coming through YOUR tap?  
Eels in pipe only 001

Not these eels.

Glass eel hand 2
But perhaps their little brothers !!!!!

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It is estimated that there are 650 million people around the world,without a daily safe water supply, that you and I take for granted. When considering donating to a charity, please consider  WATERAID. For relatively small sums, hand pumps can often be installed to provide safe clean water, which can save lives.

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but perhaps their little brothers,   !!!!


The Author on his 75th Birthday in 2016 at The House of Eliott Restaurant in Ghent, Belgium, with a liquid present from the owner , cunningly disguised as flowers .

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